Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for InstaDigit Services

For any clients who have subscribed to any of the InstaDigit services will deemed to have been automatically accepted by them with respect to usage of http://www.instadigit.com. All users are requested to read all the terms and conditions carefully before subscribing for any services. The services from InstaDigit are offered to you on your acceptance of all the terms and conditions without any changes. All users are bound by the terms and conditions wherever mentioned in the site, even if they are mentioned in the service level agreements for each and every service.

General Conditions

Usage of this site is offered to you on this condition that you will not use site access for any unlawful or legally prohibited purpose. The usage must adhere to all the online access legal rules being applicable in the Jurisdiction of the Republic of India. Further more, for international clients, no legal provisions of the resident country can be violated. Any users cannot, on any condition, gain unauthorised access, harm the site, harm the network on which InstaDigit sites are hosted or even carry on unauthorised mentions of InstaDigit in any online medium,whichever it be, but not restricted to, search engine, press releases, any forums or reproduction or any or part of the content on your or any other related website. No one, without exception, can gain unauthorised access to any of the InstaDigit accounts, users information, email information or whichever places as part of the completely owned resources and information of InstaDigit.

We will not be responsible for any third party medium through which InstaDigit is accessed. In the same category are those any harm or unintended consequences which might be a possibility on third party access. No cookies, sessions or anything of that nature can have any bearance on InstaDigit terms of Services.
InstaDigit is the sole authorised authority for making any changes to the terms and conditions for site access. Any future dispute regarding terms and conditions are to be settled by courts in India - With jurisdiction Location being the Bangalore.

Web Property

All content, in any forms such as Multimedia, textual, images or videos are the sole property of InstaDigit. They are the sole authority which can make changes to them. Any unauthorised access and changes to the content will be liable for judicial breach. No one can use the content on InstaDigit without prior permission of the site owner. InstaDigit is the registered trademark. No one can use this trademark anywhere, in any form without prior permission.

Privacy Policy

User privacy is valued by InstaDigit. We mention here in terms and conditions that no user data be it emails, service information, information about their company will be shared or reproduced on the site without the prior permission of the data owner. More on Privacy Policy.

Terms of Use

The use of site InstaDigit is bound by terms and conditions policy.

Cancellation and Refund

All services which are subscribed at InstaDigit are eligible for cancellation and refund with certain terms and conditions. Please find the Cancellation and Refund Policy here.

Legal Jurisdiction

All services from InstaDigit are bound by the Jurisdiction of Indian courts. All legal disputes will have to be adjudicated by the courts in Delhi state of India.


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