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Small business SEO services ensures that even with less budget small business can compete with their big counterparts in terms of ranking and striving people to their site. More people are searching for products and services than ever before and even for your next door small business, the room for attracting online visitors and conversions are tremendous. 

Small Business Needs SEO Expertise

In online driven world, if your site is not ranking in search engines then it is quite hard to get visitors and customer. Consider this:

  • 50% people search for products and services online. If your business is not ranking for relevant terms then you are losing on prospects
  • 70% of the people have local intent, while they are searching for services.  As a local business, there is high propensity that you will be ranked for them if right strategy is in place
  • 30% is the conversion rate for locally searched business. Many of the searches to local business translates into actual visit to the store or office

This is the opportunity that you can tap with a right small business SEO package

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InstaDigit Small Business SEO Services

InstaDigit provides small business search engine optimization packages. We have plans for startups as well as local business. Start-ups normally have an evolving marketing plan that grows with their company growth and funding.  InstaDigit services for Small Business includes


SEO Process for small business

SEO Audit: Complete on page and link audit for your business together with benchmarking of the competitors. Your small business-related keyword are researched and put on a scale of priority to be ranked in search Engines.

Local SEO: We adopt a comprehensive local SEO optimization for your business working on ranking factors like listing, classifications, citations, relevant links, social inbound links and others.

Website Optimization: We take a comprehensive look at website content and technical parameters and optimising them as per search engine guidelines for better ranking. In some cases it might lead to addition of content while in others simple tweaking could be the solution.

Incremental Planning and metric driven approach: We adopt a incremental SEO planning and go on to optimising in steps with incrementally visible & demonstrable results.

SEO Strategy that Works: As a small business, you are constrained in terms of budget and resources. We take the approach of complete SEO Planning for your business and driving results. You are relieved of requirement of an in-house SEO expert.

The cost of SEO services for small business depends on the size of business and vertical you are operating in. Also how many keywords are there to be optimized have to be taken into account
It may vary from business to business. But normally small business package will start showing results by 3rd Month of you subscribing to the small business SEO services.
Weekly & Monthly reports for performance of your small business SEO efforts will be there to evaluate and iterations can be taken upon. 
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