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Doing search engine optimization for your mobile website is critical that it has been even before. Growing number of people are discovering services and products using smart phone and if your mobile website is underperforming in SEO then your business is losing opportunities. Now more than 50% of users are doing searches on Google using mobile, around 70% of people accesses social media websites like Facebook on Mobile.  More than 60% of searches on Google are local searches which are catered as per user location. Tapping this traffic opportunity could mean a lot of new customers to your business.

Your website Faces Huge Competition

Big businesses in your neighbourhood are already tapping the full potential of mobile driven traffic and pouring resources on optimizing their mobile website.  A credible Mobile marketing expert and company will help you quickly bridge this gap and devise a complete mobile search engine optimization plan for you with metrics driven results.

Why Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO : Why it is Critical

Mobile SEO Gets you Free traffic from mobile devices that are high intent quality trafic


 SEO for Mobile Devices is critical
  • Best Practices for Mobile Websites: Google is now Giving priority to mobile website following best practices. In recent times Google has indicated that Mobile optimized site will be given importance in Ranking
  • Mobile site Impacts Desktop based rankings: There are enough indications by Google that  Optimised mobile website might impact your desktop based search rankings as well
  • Mobile User Experience: Mobile user experience is now an overriding factor. Page load time, Good user experience are now ranking signals. Google driven Accelerated Mobile Pages are already being accounted in search rankings
  • High Conversion on Mobile: Visitors to your mobile website tens to convert more as compared to Desktop websites as they are having fewer choices in the first age of searh results
  • Mobile SEO is Different: That is not the run of the mill SEO. The ranking signals for mobile websites are different. The approach to doing SEO for mobile is highly technical and getting inbound links strategies vary as well.

Mobile SEO Services: Highlights

Business specific solutions: We understand your business goals and devise a strategy that suits your business objectives.

Time Bound Solutions: Our solutions follow a metric driven iterative model where we do the mobile website optimization with a strong technical audit and iterative results.

Best Practices: We implement the best practices in terms of usability, UX design, navigation, site architecture and other factors like content rendering, page load time to optimise it for users.

Competitors Intelligence: We analyse your competitors and build a comprehensive plan to capitalise on your business strength and market opportunity for quick results.

Mobile seo - cHECKLIST

Mobile Website Service - Inclusions

Includer services in Mobile SEO

Following are the services included in the Mobile SEO services


Detailed Mobile Website Audit: To Benchmark them in terms of Technical implementations as well as against competitors

Keyword Research: Comprehensive keyword research to unravel the potential terms that would attract traffic to your site

Mobile Website Technology: Suggest best way for mobile website implementation and optimization. It may be dynamic rendering, responsive website or a separate mobile website depending on your business requirement.

Local Mobile Searches: Optimising for generic and Geolocal mobile parameters to rank high for local searches.

Multilingual SEO: to optimize the mobile website for searches across different languages. 


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