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Local SEO is critical. More searches are made with local intent than ever before. 80% of searches on mobile are having local intent. 90% of PC owners conducts local searches at lest three times a week. For 60% of user’s local searches are restricted to Google. Getting relevant business information like address and location are overriding criteria for 50% of local searches.

Hence local search engine optimization services is a high return investment decision that you can take. Traffic that your website gets from local search converts more than other searches with conversion rate ranging as much as 30%. Getting this traffic through local search optimization can boost your business profitability

Why Local Search

Why is Local Search Important for Business

Local search drive targeted traffic and high converting leads to your website. They are proximate searches with high probability of customer turning to your store once they are done with the searches.


Local Search Optimization
Targeted searches: Local Search engine optimisation helps you to rank for terms that are very high intent. Unlike Paid ads, people are able to find the information when they need it and followed by store visits and conversion.

Mobility driven searches: People are prone to do instantaneous searches more than ever. They want to discover and fulfil products and service requirement instantly and here local search outsmarts all other search types.

Google Prefers Local Search: Since local searches are driven by high intent and conversion, Google has been giving prime space in their search page to local search results. If your website is ranked top in Local results then high traffic is guaranteed.

Proximity based search: Google prefers that and even for generic terms now local optimised pages are given preference based on geo-location of the users.

Map based Searches: Map based searches are very common now where people are driven by urge to spot the location and drive down to the store for doing transaction.

Local SEO Services: Process


Benchmarking: we conduct a proper audit of your local search presence and arrive at benchmarks. In this competitor’s presence is also taken into account.

Locally intent Keywords: InstaDigit local SEO experts do a comprehensive keyword research and arrive at relevant business keywords with local intent and expected search volume is indicated.

Optimising for Local Search Parameters: We optimise your site comprehensively for all local search parameters like listings, attracting citations, reviews, do technical corrections like scheme implementation, populating the site with local intent keywords and proper classification

Localise the website for Different devices: We optimise your website for searches across different devices specifically mobile devices

Content optimization: Generic keyword driven content for desktop websites normally do not work for localised searches. We optimise the site for local intent with best content, on page and inbound linking practices


InstaDigit have dedicated SEO expertise for local search with proven capabilities in ranking clients on to top of search results. 


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