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Your PPC account is not perfect. After years of working with client & auditing numerous PPC Accounts we have come across so many businesses getting less than optimal returns from their Pay Per Cick investment. They are convinced that their AdWords account has achieved their best. But there is always a scope of improvement in any campaign. Search engines are changing the rules of game with daily changes in PPC campaigns.  Hence a comprehensive deep dive into your account is worthwhile if you are not getting desires outcomes from your PPC campaigns.

What is PPC Audit
PPC audit is deep dicing into your account for getting a status report on where your PPC campaigns stands now and what missed opportunity can be tapped. It is essentially also about streamlining the campaigns issues and aligning it to larger business goals. PPC audit is a performance evaluation and benchmarking of your account.

What is included in the PPC audit service
PPC audit service is a complete multilevel analysis of your account which would include following broad metrics

Account performance

  • Top down approach of account audit with reference to similar campaigns in same verticals and industries
  • Comparison of account performance across different time period and identify the deviations
  • Identify if the account is performing at its optimal level by comparing with the ideal potential research

Technical Analysis

  • Making sure whether all the tracking codes across campaigns, ad groups and ads are working properly
  • Pointing out if proper data is being imported into analytics account for better analysis and remarketing campaigns

Account Structure

  • Whether the account follows standard practice of structuring the campaigns into campaigns, Ad groups and Ads
  • Suggest better performing alternate structure with clear demonstration

Metrics Driven Analysis & Benchmarking

  • Deep dive in campaigns, Ad groups and Ads in terms of analysing their performance
  • Pinpoint exact issues that would have to be troubleshooted to match AdWords’ account performance with your business goals
  • Analyse report across different time period like search report and point out issues that can be corrected  like keywords targeting and negative list

Multi Channel Analysis

  • Analyse your AdWords account performance across different channels like search, display and content
  • Point our incorrect targeting across channels backed by key metrics

Remarketing Campaigns
Identify whether new formats of advertisement like remarketing, dynamic remarketing have been utilised properly


  • Analyse whether key enhancers like site listing, localisation options etc. have been properly used in ads
  • Whether ads have been properly timed
  • Recommend key metrics to follow on weekly and monthly basis.

Quality score analysis

  • Benchmarking  the Quality score analysis
  • Suggestions to improve QA by wotking on Keywords, Landing pages and content

Ads Copy performance analysis

InstaDigit will generate a 20-25-page document which will be divided into Overall account scenario, Performance with reference to key metrics. A major part will be dedicated to how to seek improvement into the account through a comprehensive list of recommendations.

PPC Audit Pricing
Pricing depends on the type and scale of AdWords account that is to be audited and hence varies from account to account



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