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InstaDigit believes in transparency and ethical business goals and objectives. We intend to win the trust of our clients solely on the basis of the quality of our services as well as full transparency in our practices. Hence we have adopted a fully transparent Cancellation and refund Policy. For those clients who are applying for cancellation/refund we hope to retain their trust by helping them get hassle free post subscription services.

InstaDigit is an internet marketing services firm with its primary base in india. We have been making consistent efforts to serve clients in most effective way. All our services comes with a guarantee of impeccable quality, reliability and punctuality. We are goal oriented people and we know how important it is to serve ethically. We encourage the clients to be communicative and at the same time have fully transparent cancellation and refund policies put in place. Please find Cancellation/refund policy mentioned herein

For any eligible service cancellation/refund requests can be made within one week (7 days) of the subscription. If it is online payment it is 7 days from first receipt of the payment. In case of cheque it is 7 days after your cheques have been received. In case of cash payments it is again 7 days after payment is received in cash.

Each of the cancellation requests should be submitted to the account department of instaDigit. The medium of submission of cancellation request is Mail, Fax and other written mediums. Any request do not stand considered unless confirmed by our accounting department. This should also act as a proof for any cancellation request you have made.
The eligibility of cancellation depends on services to services. For each service there is a Service level agreement and there will be no cancellation if a particular SLA make a service in eligible for cancellation

No cancellation/refund offered for promotional campaigns like festive offers, one time offers and so on
After payments of charges for any packages, no changes entertained. Changes if any rest with the Instadigit

  • No refund applies if there is some disruption in services from third party or client itself
  • All refund will be deposited back into the clients account within 15 days
  • Processing and administrative charges will be deducted from the refund amount
  • Taxed paid by InstaDigitdue to acceptance of an amount will be deducted.
  • Setup fees or installation fees charges, wherever applicable, are non refundable

Reservation of Rights
InstaDigit advises the clients to read the cancellation and refund policy carefully and thoroughly to help you serve better. All policies are subject to change and to be notified as and when this happens.


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