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Give Customer reach, Engagement & Retention a New Meaning 

InstaDigit is a Digital marketing pioneer that works with companies of all scale in devising social media strategies for clients that makes real impact on their business growth. We cover entire social media ecosystem and our social media management services is aimed at growing your brands online presence, build trust with online users and make it an effective conversion channel for your business.We deliver top of the line social content to users, manage important platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Right from social media setup to monitoring your brand presence we do intensive blog promotions & Influencer marketing & reputation management.

Social Media is Indispensable

                                                                                                       Now the “word of mouth” is all about “Post your thought”


Online Social Presence is critical

75% of all purchases made online are preceded by some sort of social peer review. Traditional brand engagement has changed dramatically. Most of the brands are now on Facebook ,Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram. The decision making process to a purchase has changes. Now people read more about your brand.

Interactive Communication

One sided “take it or leave” communication is dead. Social media is a listening as well as an interactive platform. Customers want to engage actively. If you want to attract them be there to help them out. 50 % of people who post a question to your brand on twitter expect an answer in next hour. They are taking this seriously.

Trust Buliding 

Peer to peer reviews, online reputation management helps in building brand trust. Being relevant is an art and this can be done only by moving beyond the traditional one sided web content. Your brand should have a voice. People are 50% more likely to make a transaction from you if their peers have advocated this.


To stand out in the already crowded social space your brand has to stand out with innovative ways to reach out to potential customers. We reach out to them with viral & Innovative content. Great content curation leads to great engagement. Csutomer stickiness comes with a great content marketing plan 


Here is why 90% Of Brands Take Social Media Seriously  

Social Media has brough demonstrable change in thier customer retention.

Brand Loyalty 

Social Media can help build brand loyalty. Out of a sample 53% people who follow a particular brand are more loyal to that brand than others.

Conversion Rate improvement 

Social Media can be 80% more effective tool for encouraging conversions if they are used together with other marketing channels.

Visits to Site 

As per twitter 50% of the people who follows a brand are likely to visit the brand website as well. This is huge free traffic.


 60% of people accesses social profiles on Mobile. There is no better way to reach  & Engage the people than this.

             Being a Social Media Management Company We Provide

         Broad Range of  Solutions 


Social Media Advertisement Services

Social Media Advertisement 

Social Media advertisement has shown enormous potential to reach out to very refined and targeted audience. They have high conversion rates in case of perfectly segmented audience and retargeting. InstaDigit manages social media advertisement for business of all scales. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & content advertisement are some of the platforms. 

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management 

InstaDigit Social Media management services  helps you to focus on your business outputs while our core professionals go on managing your day to day social  media accounts. InstaDigit can manage those accounts in a proactive manner with the help of seasoned social media professionals whether  it is Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or blogs.

Social Media Account Setup & Managent

Social Setup & Optimize 

You might be just starting with your company’s social media accounts or might wish to upgrade your online presence InstaDigit team will help you with perfectly optimized social accounts profiles including profile imaging, well structured bio, compelling images and right keyword and effective company story.

Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics 

Now traditional analytics has given way to web analytics 2.0 which means no data is complete without profiling the social user who comes to your site. Social media is very powerful source of relevant visitors and with effective segmentation social analytics can give huge push to your social CRM and remarketing activities.


Online Reputation Managment

Online Reputation 

Online social presence is all about brand awareness and recall and for this a proactive engagement as well as managing negative mentions of your brand is needed. InstaDigit Online reputation management professional take control of your brand conversations and ensue that people find the right material when they are looking for you online.

Influencer Marketing Services

Influencer Marketing 

Brands are builds and ruined based on how influencers in particular domain recommend it. InstaDigit has a huge cache of influencers who will be recommending you based on your products and help you to stand out in the social media space apart from other. There is no other shortest way to establish your brand other than Influencer Marketing.

Blog Setup and Maintenance services

Blog Setup & Maintenance

Blogs are important aspect of your social media outreach and are an informal communication medium that enhances brand stickiness with users. InstaDigit can help you in setup, maintenance and  innovative content for your blog and well as managing the online promotion of the blog content in different social platforms.

Multimedia Conten for Social Media Marketing

Multimedia Content

Social Media marketing thrives on generating great content and multimedia content like videos, mashups, podcasts and PDF are a great opportunity for getting users attention. InstaDigit specializes in creating great multimedia content and promoting them on important social platforms for best results in terms of user engagement.



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Social Media Managament Services by InstaDigit

InstaDigit Social Media management services will take your ROI from this ecosystem to new Level. Here are the reasons why you should chose us as valued Social Media partner 

Dedicated account Manager

 We believe in perfection and a dedicated account manager will be able to understand your business inside out, come with a customised straegy to reach out to potential customers and builg your brnd. The account manager will be active on your account on real time basis 24x7

Goals and ROI Focussed 

We  analyse  different actionables that will give maximum ROI, set the goals for social media activities and also benchmarking the social media efforts greeat outcomes on your investment. Whether it be consumer engagement, branding or Reputation management or actual transaction we define the goal beforehand.

Custom Content Creation

We create custom content for your social media marketing activities based on your businementation of the business profile and segmentation of the customer. Whether it be text content, videos, mashups everything id desgined keeping your profile in mind.


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