What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine optimization is the process of standardization of web pages elements in such a way that it becomes relevant and trustworthy in the Search Engines Benchmarking, and at the same time also becomes more useful for the visitors to the website.


Search Engine Optimization should be looked as a process of ranking a website in organic search results of search engines like google & Bing but it should also be considered as a comprehensive process wherein complete planning goes into enhancing relevancy factors of a website for users as well as adopting to those essential elements that are taken into account for ranking of websites.


In larger perspective, free organic traffic is a major attractive component of any enterprise online marketing strategy, whether they are big or small. For small and medium business, though, internet marketing proves to be a major source of free traffic, which broadens the reach of the enterprise customers and hence an important cornerstone of business viability.


Search Engine Optimization aims at:

  • Matching user Intent (Keywords) to the content on your website
  • Making your site discoverable among millions of sites through working on the ranking signals
  • Make your site Stand apart in the eyes of visitors through better usability, conversion rate optimization and experience
  • Measure exactly what activity drives maximum return on your investment

Why SEO is Important

Search Engine Optimization Search should be at the core of your website inbound marketing strategy and online presence: Not only it attracts free online visitors, SEO leads to relevant search engine placements, traffic and potential customers to your website. Other reasons for rising attractiveness of this is: SEO has expanded to include user behaviour, UI, Adoption of Newer Strategies for attracting new visitors, but also an enabler for better conversion, thus having a huge impact on your business goals together with online marketing efforts. From choosing the right set of business keywords, in-depth competitor analysis and measurable ways for guaranteed traffic right SEO techniques and curating specific issues in wide ranging business circumstances will help you to not only understand this process deeply but also appreciate its importance for getting more business.


As more and more prospective consumers and customers get to do business online, they turn to Search engine for locating their interests. Hence ranking in Search results is necessary for being found out by others. User search behaviour indicates that users rarely refine their search beyond second pages of the search results. As per online research data, top three websites account for 80% of visitors for a search term. Hence it is highly relevant to be ranking high in search engine results for relevant keywords. Besides organic search is incorporating new devices such as mobile and verticals such as images, video and local traffic potential from which which cannot be underestimated.


What Search Engine Optimization Involves?

Search engine has over time become a complete science in itself, with its scope broadening to a role in not only relevant link building and on page optimization but more comprehensively to Web page Usability and navigation, User behaviour of visitors on a website as well as incorporating website elements that search engine values for ranking factors. Thus SEO is as comprehensive as the Web Strategy process itself.





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