App Store Optimization Service

APP Store Optimization Service


App store optimization is the process is driving up your visibility on organic searches in app store like Google play store or IOS play store. This process is crucial as your app is competing against millions of apps targeting the same market. User normal discovery process is limited to few app listed for a particular category in app stores.

Hence to get more traffic and more app installs, your app should be optimized for search. 

app store optimization process

Why APP Store Optimization is Needed?


benefits of app store optimization


Traffic to an app depends on the critical factor of visibility and discoverability.  There are many ways for people to reach your app and the whole process of APP store optimization looks for opportunity to organically promote your app and get traffic.

  • 65% of the users discovers app in stores by using the search feature
  • 20% of peoples got link to an app when they search for top rated apps
  • 22% of users search on Google search engine to find top rated app
  • Even other sites are used by people to reach your app and it is true for 6% of users

How we do APP store Optimization

InstaDigit follow a rigorous process of app store optimization which focuses on key aspects of SEO services  like content optimization, Keyword optimization, citation and review optimization resulting in higher organic downloads.  Besides app optimization, the chances for people to install your app increase if the title and description is attractive, enables you to communicate the right category and is attractive. Here are some of the ASO factors that we work on


  • Title Optimization: The biggest app ranking factor and writing a good app title is crucial for ranking. Deep knowledge of how different keywords and category works is important fro title optimization
  • Description optimization: Basically, a snapshot of what to expect when one visits your app. A nice copy of description will help you in ranking and lead to lower bounce rate when people visits your app
  • Content optimization: Every app is driven by content in some form. Nicely optimised content in app and app landing pages in stores boosts up your ranking
  • Reviews and citation management: Again attracting reviews are surest signal for app stores to increase the ranking for your app store.
  • Deep linking for apps
  • Screen shots: Clear and concise app screen snapshots to enable user to preview
  • Proper categorisation of the App

There are more than 40 app ranking signals and for a business it’s often hard to identify them and optimize the app consistently for great results. InstaDigit app store optimization would help you in this crucial marketing need.


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