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Your PPC Ad competes for attention among various Ads that are placed for any Search term in search engines or display network. The copy of the AD make a huge impact on how the user perceives it to be worthy of a click and hence impacting the relevant traffic to your website. Writing an outstanding AD copy is a tough job. It needs complete granular level understanding of the target audience, keywords being targeted for that AD copy and also what would make the user sit back and look at the AD copy to enable them to take an action.

Here is what Difference an effective AD copy can make

  • A unique compelling AD copy can make huge impact on CTR (Click through Rate)
  • A relevant AD copy can help in reducing bounce rates and effectively enhancing the click to conversion rate and at the same time reducing cost of acquisition
  • A well written PPC AD copy can help in improving the quality Score of your Ads


Our highly-experienced AD copy writers thoroughly analyse your competition and comes up with compelling unique ads that stands apart among various Ads

  • Unique keywords group based ads with different call to action as per the target audience
  • Promote your brand strongly though Ad Copy
  • Separate Ads for different channels like Search, display and remarketing
  • Unique ads for targeting different devices like mobile, desktop and i-pads


Ads that Stand Apart

InstaDigit experts will make sure that Unique Ads are written exclusively for each ads which are original, meet the customers targeted profile and incorporate strong call to Action

Brand Recall

Ad Copies are the best medium to make a brand impact. InstaDigit experts ensures that with every ad copy your brand statement is also accentuated for strong recall.


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