The Digital Marketing Checklist for Small Business in 2017

The Digital world is growing at a ferocious pace and he difference between successful and unsuccessful business can be those who are always adapting as compared to those who do not wish to adapt or who are unwilling to take some risk and change. We have here compiled a list of Digital marketing must have features for this year

Web Presence

Fully Optimized website: Website is your business online personality which is in most of the cases is also your user’s first interaction with you. Make it workable, functional and assist user in doing transaction on your site. Showcase your products, Invest in User interface, design and also make sure that 5 Steps – yes one can discover and make payment in flat 5 steps

Mobile Website Optimization: Mobile traffic to your business can be anywhere between 40-60% so investment in a well imagines responsive mobile site is always a good Idea. If you are starting just Now: Then you can also go for Accelerated Mobile Pages

Payment Checkout: Most of the times we build a great website but think that online payment gateway is not that necessary. Invest in that. They are critical to your business now. Further go and integrate some of the Mobile wallet functionality as well.

Have an APP: There is a growing debate over usefulness of an app but depending on your business so have an app to uniquely engage with your users. Besides brand exclusiveness the APP gives some valuable user information and geo-targeting (Hyper Local) Marketing can be its biggest advantage.

Blog: They are your content marketing cornerstone and act as a medium of engaging the users informally. Have a nicely designed blog, match the theme with your company website and start pushing some relevant content.  Here in you can also allow guest users to write for you.

Search Engine Optimization

 Search engine optimization is always not about ranking in Google. It is also about following the best practices laid out by Search engine which most of the time relates to better quality content, easy discoverability of your products, better UI and user friendliness. SEO can still account for a large chunk of your business.

Identify Major business keywords: Do a thorough keyword research and find the major ones that people have been searching for. Group them into relevant groups of similar ones to target.

Keep a track of your Keywords Ranking: After arriving at a list of major head keywords get their ranking to monitor frequently.

Natural Link Building: Go link building on a slow pace and only start identifying a set of websites where you can acquire links from. Topical industry related websites are the best ones. Forums, Blogs, Guest posts, well thought out PR all are great till the time your content is link worthy.

Site Audit: Get an on pages SEO audit done for your website to know where you stand with respect to your competitors and on page factors. Content on pages, interlinking, index ability, crawalability of your sites are some factors you should look into.

Website Content : Content is read. There is popular misconception that what matters is designs and products alone. But people do read content and that also at a later buying stage. Hence invest in quality content, make it informative, topical and think this as assisted exercise for enabling transactions. The SEO benefits are obvious as well.

Content marketing plan

If you have not though about crafting a content marketing plan then this is the right time to do so. Not only it gives you visibility but also brings brand exposure in desirable ways. It help your business to interact with users, engage them informally and also increases your SEO effectiveness.

Strategy: Make a strategy based on which you will propagate your content and establish authority in your respective domain. Whether it is in the form of e books, freebies, informative content, guest posts, blogging, high quality writing in forums make a timeline for every thin.

Social Media Marketing

Once seen as a time wasters by brands, Social media marketing has become the primary channel for attracting customers for some businesses. Besides branding channels such as Facebook has evolved into a massive transactional medium which you must explore. So whether it be getting a well designed Facebook page, interacting witih your page audience on a day to day basis or running ads in Facebook the investment of time and money is worth it. So go on and claim your brand on all popular social websites.

Make a business Facebook Page: Make a business Facebook page and populate with enticing content for the users. Contest, Interactive posts, viral posts are some of the ways to increase user engagement. Besides tap the Facebook audience to drive some transactions as well.

Twitter: Increase your twitter following and engage customers with offers. There is no tool like Twitter to enhance your brand presence.

Linked In:  Get you’re linked in Page up to date, ask all your employees to follow the page. Post industry reports subscribe to relevant groups and share posts there.

Others: GooglePlus, Interest and selected few. Ensure that whatever medium you chose you have some decent activity planed for that.

Online Reputation & Brand Management

The old customer buying circle has changes. Now up to 60% of the online purchases are based on recommendations and reviews that customer wish to research online or get through their peer groups. So listen to your customer, seek their reviews, improve your services and maintain your brand positiveness.


Many customers are coming to your websites for knowing about products though mostly called informational searches. Still some other have some vague idea about some websites and get to yours site though still not with an intent to purchase. They are mostly navigational queries. It is possibility that you have resorted to paid search and spend some money to get onto your site. Hence a remarketing program, targeting them at some future point of time is a good idea to convert some of them into your customers.

  1. Use Adwords and Facebook remarketing tools
  2. Twitter audience can also be remarketed
  3. Remarket to your app user base & Youtube user base
  4. Remarket to your email database in both Adwords & Facebook

Email Marketing

Grow Your Emailing Database

 Emailers are not dead and in foreseeable future they will not be irrelevant. Grow your permission based database. Still further get some database co-marketing done.  Besides this email activity are must for following: Welcome emails, offers email, transactional email notifications, Follow up emails, Discounts email, Service rating email

Referral Marketing

There is no better form of marketing than people referring your brand name to others and give positive reviews for buying a product from you. A ell though out referral strategy can work wonders for mouth to mouth publicity and in the process your transactions will also grow.


Cash backs are considered a great tool for pushing up repeat buying s well as for up-selling. Discounts though third party sites can also be explore for pushing the number of transactions as well as customer retainment. Reach out to your customer to get them informed, in as many ways as possible.

Is your Customer services real time

For online space customer service is even more important than in the offline mode as there the propensity to switch to different competing website is more even on the basis of slightest grievance or discomfort. So invest in some good customer service support/ticketing system.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Identify the Bottleneck: Now that you have done a quite lot of marketing and users are coming to your site, you must ensure that they are making transactions. Getting to the bottlenecks that may hinder customer interaction is a must for your business. Invest in A/B testing tools, get into the rot of analytics on users steps from landing pages to checkout pages, analyze their dropout pages and take corrective steps. Given that you acquire a lot of paid clicks best conversion rates is desirable. Some mouse flow tools may be useful here.

Keep your listening ability intact: Something like an exit survey tells you why people are leaving, what hinders their interaction with your website and what can be improved. Other ways as there which can be as simple as calling your dropout customer s and analyze why there are leaving your website without doing any transaction.

Invest in real time messaging tools: There are tools that can interact with the customer in real time and intervene with auto-messages or offers to increase their conversion chances. Live chat tracking is its simplest example.

Well designed Landing Pages : An objective oriented landing pages, designed to engage the customer with only the relevant information and elicit the required results whether it be signups, getting contact details or even transaction should be the ultimate objective of all Digital marketing activity. Continuous testing of the landing pages A/B or multivariate is also important. Also landing page should be designed keeping in mind the source of the traffic as well.