Social Media Marketing is a Must for Businesses

Once social media marketing sounded like something forced upon businesses and this medium was alloted a small pie of the marketing budget and that too on benevolent terms expecting no outcome from the activity. Times has changed. Now the social media marketing has gone mainstream and most likely place for the small marketing budget that any startup or small company might have.


The reasons are not hard to find:

Reviews and friend recommendations : The traditional marketing channels have changed. Now reading online reviews and peer groups recommendations plays a singificant role in buying decisions. So people are coming to your store ( online or offline ) with a definite knwoledge about your product.

Social Media is all encompassing: Social media interactions takes place throughout the free time you are having. It is precisely at this time that you are most likely to see through the recommedary paid ads and respond to it. Witih huge level of personalisation & data segmentation, now it is also likely that you are getting more relevant ads for products which you are interested in.

Social Media has Virality Inbuilt: There is no better way to add virality to a product or offer than social media. With right messaging  social media  interactions and ads can be seen to have a multiplier effect.

Advanced targeting : The level of targeting options at some social media sites like Facebook is just Baffling: Interests, demographics, behaviours, locatins etc.  Apart from this they also have very huge retargeting options based on existing data that you might have collected.

Mobile Targeting: 60% of the internets browsing happens on a smart phone. 65% of Facebooks users accesses it on mobile. They are simply not to be missed.Besides these there are social media native ads that is getting popular.