21 Free Tools to Put Your Start-up on Growth Hack Mode

You are a start-up and getting visitors to your site is obviously the first goals you have been working towards. Many start-ups owners are overwhelmed with data, actionable and they are really confused about how to actually execute the ideas they are having with limited resources, bot manpower and investment. You might be doing some great digital marketing things already including Search engine optimization, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliates and email marketing. But those same channels can be supercharged with right tools to make your marketing experience easier, measurable and fast. Here is the list of those 21 Digital marketing tools that will surely supercharge your start-up.

So many times we are overwhelmed by different things that we do not put proper attention to customer/visitor follow up. Boomerang for Gmail will help you do exactly that by automating email follow ups to important threads and more importantly it’s a Gmail extension. Complete scheduling possible even while writing the first mail. Free as well paid versions available.
Similar Web
A mid-level competitor analysis tool that is pretty cool with not only about traffic sources for you website but also can tell a lot about your competitors online strategy, their upstream traffic and different channels contributing to a website overall traffic. Both free and paid versions exist
Keyword Tool
Now the old google keyword tool is not providing the data it used to give and with Google suggest feature they have become further irrelevant and non-concise. Keyword tool.io has some really cool feature that will come up with Auto suggest keywords not only for Google but also for Amazon, You tube and even appstore.
A collection of digital marketing conversion oriented tools, this suite will help you to optimize your email list building, analyse data closely with heat maps to boost conversions and also add call-to-action buttons for better conversions. This can be your next traffic acquisition tools worth trying.
This is one of the best conversion rate optimization tool that is pretty cool even with its free versions. Use this for A/B testing of landing pages, boost conversion and sign-ups as well as segment different types of visitors and target them differently.
Your website is up and running and you think that it is the best that is there in the industry. Why not get it tested in a real live scenario with usertesting.com. Here real life people use your website from a user’s perspective and provide with tonnes of actionable insights that will surely make user experience and conversion on your website property increase a little bit.
An inbound marketing tool that will help you with discovering traffic sources, find link exploration avenues, generate a host of automated reports and have inbound link audit feature as well. You can also do a website audit with this tool and also competitor analytics is possible. Recommended for overall Digital marketing but very useful for SEO in particular.



Video marketing is an important part of your overall content marketing strategy. Whether you want to create a simple corporate video or an explainer video Powtoon will help you out. Even non-technical people can craft hugely professional videos in Powtooon so that you cut down the cost of outsourcing this.

Click to Tweet
A very easy way to promote your content on twitter. The tool can be used for any content publishes anywhere ad user can select a portion of the text that they want to share on the twitter. It’s a simple one click share and sometimes can be very useful for trending content sharing. Analytics data is also available on the tool.



A very simple tool which allows you to insert call to action but along a horizontal bar on the website. Other placement like popup and lower side click to open also available. Great for driving traffic, generating leads and social media promotion. Analytics data like number of clicks also available in the tool.

It’s a visitor visualization tool which enable to have a real time view of what a visitor is doing on your site, what portion of the website they are watching, what they are clicking and so on. It is very useful to find the spots that are hindering the visitors process flow or to find those parts of the websites that can be optimised for higher conversion.
Bounce Exchange
You have a lot of visitors but they might be leaving your website quite often and you might be grappling with a right way of targeting them in real time. You can do so with Bounce exchange by  inviting then to convert or with running different offers exclusively for them just before they are to leave the website.
Content marketing needs really a lots of ideas and the truth is you cannot generate all the ideas by yourself. You need a tool which stores everything you are reading and pops up some nice curated ideas which you can turn into stories. Pocket does it very nicely with which you can save articles, videos or pretty much anything and also save directly from your browser or from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite. And its free.
This can be your best content marketing partner as it adds a link and call to action on every communication you share. You can attach a text, button, form or even a hidden snip to everything you are sharing on internet, eg: news story. Lots of customization and tracking possible. Free and paid both versions available.
Again a tool to promote your content marketing efforts. Curata is an enterprise grade content curation tool where you can discover great content, curate with some clicks and templates and then publish them in automated manner. Great tool for large scale content marketing.
We encounter lot of contacts in the process of customer contact and get lost into the data & Medium. Nimble allows you to manage various contacts from a single dashboard. It manages your contacts, emails, social profiles, activities and follow-up to make your work easier.
A chat software that figures above the rest as it can give you lots of information about the visitors in real time even while they are on the site like what they are looking for, what is their location, what previous pages they have seen and their previous interaction.  Targeted interaction then can lead to more conversions.
Marketo is a marketing automation software that will allow you to launch campaigns across different channels quickly, monitor them and also have features for simplified marketing planning. There is a set of more than 40 tools that will take care of your entire digital marketing.
This tool with look on the web for what is being mentioned about your brand and even what is being mentioned about your competitors. This allows for proactive ORM as well as response to your competitors on real time.
Another social media tool that will help you to manage all your profiles and make the sharing process easier and automated. Buffers has some great scheduling features and it differs from other tools in that it also allows direct browser based sharing with a click of a button.
An SEO tool that can be used very effectively by start-ups. The Raven tool has almost everything that is needed by a beginner level SEO enterprise and will help you understand the SEO process in detail. The tool lacks in some in-depth Keywords research but is great for start-ups as a first SEO tool.