10 Alternatives to Google Play Store and iTunes store

While developing an app, most of the business think that Google play store and IoS store are the only place where they can host and market their app. While the potential of the listing at Google  Play store and iTunes is significant as they are the places which are native to the app, there are other alternatives that you must explore. Some of the alternative stores are quite big and help you to reach wider audience. Most of the alternative app stores are very specific about promotion of apps in different ways. Whether by selecting the best app of the day, showcasing the best recommended apps or sharing a curated list of apps in different verticals, good apps have a chance to get more eyeballs. You can also do wonders with your APP Store Optimization with these stpres

Amazon App Store

Quite new as compared to Google, but the reach of Amazon Play store is tremendous. Almost all the Android Apps can run smoothly on Amazon app store which is basically pushing through its Fire OS. Many of the android mobile are also coming with Fire OS. The biggest advantage of Amazon app store is that you can publish even web based apps as well HTML5 & AMP based apps. With amazon worldwide reach, there is going to be more visibility for your app, specially when you are into ecommerce.


Another popular alternative to Google play store, Mobango has its own set of loyal user and since the totla app listed is not too use, your app have every chance to sit at the top among the curated  or recommended list of app. Most importantly, app upload at Mobango is free of cost.


If your app is a free app, then F-Droid is the best place to submit it. Broadly following the open source Model, F-Droid app store is run by volunteers and it accepts only free app. Moreever every app has to be advert free as well. There is no cost for uploading your app on F-Droid as well.


This is an interesting alternative to Google play. In-fact SlideMe precedes even Google play and here developers can host their own app, users can see a curated list of apps in each category and businesses can market their apps and reach more that 5 million dedicated community of developers. App White label solutions also exists there as well as app download features on revenue sharing model.


Still a growing player, 1Appmarket list only those appps which are free to download. Further the unique proposition of 1Appmarket is scrutinising each app for malware and viruses. Further there is no cost involved for app upload and there are many free APK downloads available as well.


An app store as well as an App review platform, Appszooom allows for free app upload, followed by a review process. There are many promotional and distributions tools available together with review articles allowing people to discover your app and rate it as well.A great way to reacch out to millions of users.


More of a social media platform for apps that a app store. People can upload apps ffor free at Mobile9, share different apps which they like, rate and review apps. With a million of dedicated users, good apps can reach thousands of audience, if proper promotions is done.


 An alternative to play store which uses freemium model to promote apps. Adverts and app based currency is available in Getjar which goes by the name Getjar Gold. Basically this virtual currency is earned though the loyalty programme and users can use this currency for in app purchases. There is a dedicate 35 million userbase and with GetJar revenue sharing model, you app has great chance to get discovered and get downloaded.


Another play store alternative, Appbrain can directly install apps on android devices and also provides user with their own APK tool called Applift. Though there are also issues wtih many developers pointing out that app installs at Appbrain are redirects to the Google play store ad hence do not works perfectly unless play store is there on your device.


One of the largest independent App store, Aptoide brands itself as a place for apps that are virus free and also having trusted stamp of Aptoide. There is also a section for free APK downloads and sharing, rating and review feature which help your app to get noticed and shared.

Caution is also needed for evaluating the platform you are using. There are issues of app security in few independent app stores as the Google play store criteria of scanning apps for malware might differ in some of the apps.