A Startup Handbook of 21 Internet marketing Essentials

Businesses and enterprises today are facing huge challenges. Brick and mortars entities are increasingly replaced by online counterparts. More and more people are ready to access your products and services online, whether it be the traditional desktop or mobile, smart phones and tablets. Trends are changing fast and for businesses to retain their customer base, a lot of new digitally oriented efforts needs to be made. But at the same time getting new customers cutting accross geographical locations is getting much easier if your business is able to acclimatise to new online realities.

21 Free Tools to Put Your Start-up on Growth Hack Mode

You are a start-up and getting visitors to your site is obviously the first goals you have been working towards. Many start-ups owners are overwhelmed with data, actionable and they are really confused about how to actually execute the ideas they are having with limited resources, bot manpower and investment. You might be doing some great digital marketing things already including Search engine optimization, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Affiliates and email marketing. But those same channels can be supercharged with right tools to make your marketing experience easier, measurable and fast.

The Digital Marketing Checklist for Small Business in 2016

The Digital world is growing at a ferocious pace and he difference between successful and unsuccessful business can be those who are always adapting as compared to those who do not wish to adapt or who are unwilling to take some risk and change. We have here compiled a list of Digital marketing must have features for this year

Web Presence

Accelarated Mobile Pages - Expained

Google Last week updated their Algoritm to include the Accelerated Mobile pages into the Main Mobile Search result pages. Earlier they have already were part of News Feed results. Though Goolge is saying that the AMP pages will not be a part of ranking alogorithm right now, it is only a matter of time where they will become a ranking signal. Let us briefly have a background of what actually is AMP Framework.

What are Accelerated Mobile pages 

Social Media Marketing is a Must for Businesses

Once social media marketing sounded like something forced upon businesses and this medium was alloted a small pie of the marketing budget and that too on benevolent terms expecting no outcome from the activity. Times has changed. Now the social media marketing has gone mainstream and most likely place for the small marketing budget that any startup or small company might have.

The reasons are not hard to find: